Friday, January 30, 2015

Review: Owning Violet by Monica Murphy

Owning Violet (Fowler Sisters, #1)
Monica Murphy
December 2, 2014
400 pages

New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy begins a sexy new contemporary romance series—perfect for fans of Christina Lauren and Emma Chase—that introduces three sisters born to wealth, raised to succeed, ready to love, destined to make waves.

I’ve moved through life doing what’s expected of me. I’m the middle daughter, the dutiful daughter. The one who braved a vicious attack and survived. The one who devoted herself to her family’s business empire. The one who met an ambitious man and fell in love. We were going to run Fleur Cosmetics together, Zachary and I.

Until he got a promotion and left me in the dust. Maybe it’s for the best, between his disloyalty and his wandering eye. But another man was waiting for me. Wanting me. He too has an overwhelming thirst for success, just like Zachary—perhaps even more so. He’s also ruthless. And mysterious. I know nothing about Ryder McKay beyond that he makes me feel things I’ve never felt before.

One stolen moment, a kiss, a touch . . . and I’m hooked. Ryder’s like a powerful drug, and I’m an addict who doesn’t want to be cured. He tells me his intentions aren’t pure, and I believe him. For once, I don’t care. I’m willing to risk everything just to be with him. Including my heart. My soul.

My everything.

Tanya's Review:
      When I first started this book, gotta say I did not think I would finish it. I did not like any of the people in the book, they all seemed rotten. As the story unfolded it reminded me of the movie Cruel Intentions (a favorite of mine) and the story started to suck me in. Violet always the good daughter just seemed to be going through the motions in life and did what was proper and expected of her but seemed to not really be living. I felt she was weak but as the story went on she grew stronger and I grew to really like her. . Her boyfriend Zachary is a tool, cheating on her and using her to get ahead, I have no like for him, I hated him more by the end of the book than at the beginning.Then there is Ryder Mckay....wrong in all the right ways. At first Ryder seemed like a douche but as the story unfolds and you get a glimpse into his past you kinda feel for him. Then the chemistry between Ryder and Violet, oh my hotness. Ryder is quite the bossy Alpha male and I liked it.
     I had read shorter books in the past by this author and enjoyed them so I was glad to see her write a longer more substantial story.  I felt this was a decent start to this series and I am quite interested to read the next book in the series. This one is full of deception, secrets and one sexy alpha male so if any of those things sound tempting to you, then you really should indulge in this one.

Owning Violet:  3.5/5  stars

Laura's Review:

I completely agree with Tanya on this one. The characters are almost unbearable at first - you aren't sure you really want to like any of them. Even Violet I had a little bit of trouble warming up to... she was a little too passive and weak in the beginning. But, as the story unfolded and we got deeper into it, the complexities of the relationships and the people involved became more apparent. And it definitely got way more interesting. Ryder turned from annoyingly arrogant pretty boy to a hot and sexy protector. I loved how much we got to see Violet evolve and in turn allow her relationships with both Zachary and Ryder evolve as well. Ms. Murphy should stick to full-length novels, because here is where she really shines. Looking forward to the next one!

Owning Violet: 3.5/5 stars

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Just a Taste by Shannyn Schroeder

Just a Taste
The O’Learys # 5
By: Shannyn Schroeder
Releasing January 19th, 2015


Grief has brought them together again—will love open the door to their future? When it’s an O’Leary in the picture, finding out is just part of the adventure…

Carmen Delgado is left reeling when her father dies. Taking care of him has been her sole purpose for so long, she’s forgotten what it’s like to have dreams of her own. And with steady, sexy Liam O’Leary inheriting a share in her dad’s successful food truck, Carmen is suddenly free to explore her life’s possibilities. She never expected Liam to provide the kind of temptation she’s not sure she can resist…

A talented chef, Liam O’Leary has been itching to open his own restaurant for years—and the death of his mentor is a reminder that time passes too quickly. Gus’s Taco Taxi isn’t exactly what he dreamed of, but he can’t desert Gus’s daughter. Working side by side is an unexpected pleasure—and grownup Carmen is alluring in all new ways. Is love on the menu—or will old fears and insecurities drive them apart?

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Laura's Review: 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I loved Liam. I loved Carmen. And I loved them together!
There were some communication issues which became frustrating at times, but everything else just worked here. I had only read one of the previous books in this series, but I didn't find myself lost. It did make me want to go back and read the rest of them, I liked this book so much!
Author Info
Shannyn Schroeder is the author of the O’Leary series, contemporary romances centered around a large Irish-American family in Chicago and the new Hot & Nerdy series about 3 nerdy friends and their last spring break. When she’s not wrangling her three kids or writing, she watches a ton of TV and loves to bake cookies.

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