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Something Wicked Returns Giveaway Hop!! Win What the Spell? and Death and the Girl Next Door!

Welcome to the Something Wicked Returns Giveaway Hop hosted by Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings Candace@Candace's Book BlogMaja@The Nocturnal Library and Ali@My Guilty Obsession ! It will run October 1-31st! Be sure to visit all the participating blogs for the best chance to win something - the linky list is at the end of the post!

What are we giving away? One winner will win two books! A hardcover copy of What the Spell?(Life's a Witch, #1) by Brittany Geragotelis and a paperback copy of Death and the Girl Next Door (Darklight #1) by Darynda Jones (both very slightly used, in near perfect condition). Enter using the Rafflecopter after the book covers and blurbs. Sorry, this giveaway is US Only.

Brooklyn wants to be popular with rich Elite "as dangerous as they were beautiful", and crush Asher. Guidance counselor Ms Zia warns "Popularity isn't all it's cracked up to be .. nobody's going to care whoyou were in high school". On her 16th birthday, her parents unlock her witch powers, and Brooklyn, in a major makeover, is a "glamazon".

Darynda Jones, author of The New York Times bestselling series that began with First Grave on the Right, brings us Death and the Girl Next Door, a thrilling Young Adult novel garnering high praise and early buzz from major authors

Ten years ago, Lorelei's parents disappeared without a trace.  Raised by her grandparents and leaning on the support of her best friends, Lorelei is finally beginning to accept the fact that her parents are never coming home.  For Lorelei, life goes on.

High school is not quite as painful as she thinks it will be, and things are as normal as they can be.  Until the day the school's designated loner, Cameron Lusk, begins to stalk her, turning up where she least expects it,  standing outside her house in the dark, night after night.  Things get even more complicated when a new guy—terrifying, tough, sexy Jared Kovach—comes to school.  Cameron and Jared instantly despise each other and Lorelei seems to be the reason for their animosity.  What does Jared know about her parents?  Why does Cameron tell Jared he can't have Lorelei?  And what will any of them do when Death comes knocking for real?  Thrilling, sassy, sexy, and inventive, Darynda Jones's first foray into the world of teens will leave readers eager for the next installment.
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Review: Devoured by Emily Snow

October 9, 2012
Touchstone Books
280 pages

Sienna Jensen had no plans to return home when she graduated college last spring—after all, her dreams lie in California. But when she discovers her grandmother’s Nashville home has been foreclosed, and the new owner has started the eviction process, Sienna has no other choice but go back to Music City. And she comes face to face with the flawed, gorgeous man she never thought she’d see again. The man who now holds the deed to her grandma’s estate.

When millionaire rock star Lucas Wolfe finds the outspoken redhead glaring at him from across a courtroom, he’s both infuriated and intrigued. He still can't get the night Sienna almost spent with him out of his mind, and the chemistry between them is as undeniable as it was two years ago. He craves Sienna more than ever. And just like everything Lucas hungers for, he’s determined to have her.

Now, Lucas will do whatever it takes to lure Sienna into his bed, even if that means making a deal with her: ten days with him, playing by his rules, and he’ll hand over the deed to her grandmother’s home. Though she agrees to the arrangement, Sienna is conflicted. Because of her duty to her family. Because of promises she’s made to herself and a past that still haunts her. And as Lucas’s game of seduction continues, and Sienna is introduced to his dark, erotic world and even darker background, she realizes that at any moment, she could be devoured.

There were parts of this book that I just loved - and yes, devoured - but others that had me cocking my head and furrowing my brow in confusion. I loved the plot (although more than a bit far-fetched) and felt the chemistry between Lucas and Sienna immediately, but a few of their actions seemed disjointed from the rest of the story. Lucas was a bit too hot/cold for me - I thought we (and Si) would get some major explanation for that, and I think it was implied, but I would have liked a big reveal of a conversation  between the two of them. A heartfelt "I'm not good enough for you, so I pushed you away, but I'm in love with you, so I've secretly been stalking you for 2 years"- type speech. Maybe we'll get more of that when the big secret is revealed in book two, which I'm happy to report is released in a couple weeks. I'm definitely curious enough to pick that one up.

3.5/5 stars

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Cover Reveal: Far Too Tempting by Lauren Blakely

Jane Black has written the break-up album of the century, earning her a Grammy, a huge legion of new fans, and the pressure to repeat her success. Sure, the heartbreak from her husband’s unconventional abandonment might have been her inspiration, but it hasn’t done her any favors in the dating department. So when Matthew Harrigan, the toughest music journalist out there, asks for an interview, Jane agrees—as long as her personal life is completely off-limits.

British, gorgeous, and way too tempting, Matthew’s the first guy Jane’s been attracted to since her husband. As she spends more time with him and their relationship heats up, though, so does her writer’s block. How can the queen of the break-up pen the perfect follow-up when she’s seriously in love?

Lauren Blakely writes sexy contemporary romance novels with heat, heart, and humor, and her books have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks bestseller lists. Like the heroine in FAR TOO TEMPTING, she thinks life should be filled with family, laughter, and the kind of love that love songs promise. Lauren lives in California with her husband, children, and dogs. Her novels include Caught Up In UsPretending He’s MinePlaying With Her Heart, and Trophy Husband. She also writes for young adults under the name Daisy Whitney.

Pre-Order Links:

Entangled Publishing:

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Review and Giveaway: The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen

March 26, 2013
New Adult
320 pages (paperback)
A rule-breaker with a fiery attitude, Ella always wore her heart on her sleeve. Then she left everything behind to go to college, where she transformed into someone who follows the rules, keeps everything together, and hides all her problems. Now it's summer break and she has nowhere else to go but home. But once there, Ella fears that everything she's worked so hard to bury might resurface-especially with Micha living right next door.

Smart, sexy, and confident, Micha can get under Ella's skin like no one else. He knows everything about her, including her darkest secrets. If he tries to tempt the old Ella to return, he will be impossible to resist. But what Ella doesn't realize is that when she left, she took a piece of Micha's heart with her. Now he's determined to win back the girl he lost, no matter what it takes.

I liked this book well enough, but something didn't quite click for me. 
I thought it was well-written and had a unique twist on the childhood friends-to-lovers theme, but I just didn't feel the zing of chemistry was there. I don't know if it was the heaviness to the story or the depressing nature of every single character's life (even the ones who seemed to have it good were depressed), but I left the book not wanting to enter into this world again - there wasn't enough bright moments to offset all the darkness. I doubt I'll read book 2 even though I liked both Lila and Ethan a lot. 

The Secret of Ella and Micha: 3/5 stars
Cover: 4/5 stars

I am giving away my very slightly used paperback copy of this book! Sorry, US Only.

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Release Day Launch & Giveaway: Wicked Thing by Angeline Kace

Carmyn Rafferty witnessed the aftermath of her mother's affair. She learned at a young age not to trust anyone. Especially not your spouse. So she's planned. She's planned every detail of her life: who her husband will be, what their careers will be, what their lives will be like. All to avoid the pain of infidelity.

Dallas Brown lives a life all his own. He doesn't do relationships, he doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, and he doesn't live up to anyone's expectations but his own.

When Carmyn's fiancé cheats on her, it sends her into a whirlwind of one-night stands with the most infamous player on campus. She can't seem to stay away from this tough guy and his dangerous motorcycle. Everything about him is the complete opposite of who she'd planned to fall in love with: tattoos, dark stubble along his jawline, and hair that brushes his shoulders.

As Dallas and Carmyn begin to fall deeper and deeper into each other, they learn that love can truly be a wicked, wicked thing.

Author Information

Angeline is a Scorpio living in the Rocky Mountains with her husband and dogs. She loves all things paranormal, believes ghosts are real, werewolves aren't, and vampires? Definitely real! At least in the Vampire Born world they are.

One lucky winner will receive a WICKED THING charm bracelet with 6 charms. They will also receive a Dirty Dancing blu-ray and some candy. This contest is international.  a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Barnes and Noble:

Author Links:
Facebook Fan Page: 

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Cover Reveal: Wild Child by M. Leighton

Jenna Theopolis has always known what she wanted.  Getting out of her small hometown of Greenfield was number one on her list of priorities.  Until she met Rusty Catron.
Rusty’s fun-loving personality was the perfect match for Jenna’s inner wild child.  But what started off as a summer fling quickly turns into something more.  At least it does for Jenna.
Rusty has lived with the ghost of his father’s abandonment since he was a child, but now he’s beginning to feel the crippling effects of his scars.  He wants to trust in Jenna, but deep down he doesn’t believe someone so wild and free can ever be tamed. 
But tragedy strikes, pushing Jenna out of Greenfield and leaving Rusty with a choice to make—face his inner demons or lose the love of his life.  Forever.

About M. Leighton:
M. Leighton is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Wild Ones and The Bad Boys romance trilogies.  She is a native of Ohio, relocated to the warmer climates of the South, where she lets her mind wander to romantic settings with sexy Southern guys much like the one she married and the ones you'll find in her latest books.  When her thoughts aren't roaming in that direction, she'll be riding horses, swimming in ponds and experiencing life on a ranch, all without leaving the cozy comfort of her office.  

For more about M. Leighton, visit her website at or follow her on Twitter@mleightonbooks.


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Blog Tour Stop: Review and Giveaway After the Kiss

AFTER THE KISS: Sex, Love and Stiletto Blog Tour

"AFTER THE KISS is a knock-your-stilettos-off, total page-turning treat that had me fan-girling up within the first chapter. I absolutely loved this read!”—USA Today bestselling author Mira Lyn Kelly

AFTER THE KISS: Sex, Love & Stiletto Series by Lauren Layne
A Loveswept Contemporary Romance
On sale August 26, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-345-54725-5

Book Blurb:

In the first book of a delightful new series from Lauren Layne, the star columnist of Stiletto magazine will do anything for a story. Anything . . . except fall in love.

Julie Greene loves flings. Loves steamy first dates, sizzling first kisses, and every now and then, that first sexy romp between the sheets. Comfy pants, sleepy Sundays, movie nights on the couch? Shudder. But when Julie gets assigned the hardest story of her career—a first-person account of that magical shift between dating and “I do”—she’ll need a man brave enough to give a total commitment-phobe a chance at more.

Normally, Mitchell Forbes would be exactly that man. A devastatingly hot workaholic who tends to stay in relationships for far too long, he should be the perfect subject for Julie’s “research.” But what Julie doesn’t know is that Mitchell is looking to cut loose for once in his life. And the leggy journalist notorious for avoiding love is exactly the type of no-strings fling he’s looking for. In other words, Mitchell is the polar opposite of what Julie needs right now. And, at the same time, he’s exactly what she wants.

Find AFTER THE KISS on Goodreads  

Today’s guest is Lauren Layne. Lauren graduated from Santa Clara University with B.S. in Political Science that she has yet to put to good use. After dabbling in an e-commerce career, she decided to quit talking about writing and actually do it. 
A Seattle-native, Lauren's also tried on the Bay Area, Orange County and Manhattan for size. She's currently writing from the Pacific Northwest, but is always looking for the next place to call home. Texas? The South? New England? Suggestions welcome.

What Julie's Reading

Every now and then I encounter someone who utters this inconceivable line:

“I don’t like to read.”

Um, I’m sorry, what?

However will you visit Hogwarts? And don’t give me some cop-out answer about the watching the movies.

How will you find your book boyfriend?? (My current crush is Jesse from Nicole Williams’ Lost & Found)

How will you laugh over Kristan Higgins’ heroines’ mishaps, or cry over the Dark Moment in a Judith McNaught book?

It’s like those people that claim they don’t like cheese. Who doesn’t like cheese?

So imagine my dismay when, as I was doing my usual character sketch while planning After the Kiss, I learned something quite disturbing about Julie Greene:

She doesn’t like to read.

Well that’s not entirely true. She doesn’t dislike it. Julie is just one of those go-go-go type of women who never quite mastered the art of sitting still, nor understands the appeal of being alone with a book when she could be at a bar with a cute guy.

Julie does, however, make a few exceptions. Sassy online articles, a little something scandalous, and even a nostalgic read make her list …

For instance:

This piece about the men of Sex and the City made her laugh out loud the other day. And the writer got it right. Big. Always Big.  Julie will never understand the Aidan fans:

Emma by Jane Austen. This one was her late mother’s favorite, so Julie keeps a very tattered, very beloved copy in her nightstand drawer.

Sin by Sharon Page. Julie read this at the insistence of her best friend, without a clue as to what she was getting into. Riley neglected to tell Julie that this is one very hot little piece of reading.

The Stratejoy website. The ultimate “pick me up” on a bad day, Statejoy’s all about creating a life you’re excited about living, which is the perfect fit for Julie’s happy-go-lucky personality.

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. Julie rolled her eyes when her boss insisted everyone in the office read this, but she’s glad she did. It delivers a solid dose of girl-power!

So that’s Julie’s reading list. What’s on yours?

Order your copy of AFTER THE KISS:
Connect with Lauren: Facebook | Twitter | Website
Connect with Loveswept: Facebook | Twitter | Website

AFTER THE KISS: Sex, Love and Stiletto GIVEAWAY

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Laura's Review:

There wasn't much I didn't like about this quick, but surprisingly poignant and moving romance. The premise isn't unique - we've seen countless other books/rom-coms about relationships that begin on a deception. Even so, Ms. Layne does such a good job at immediately grounding the story with likable and realistic characters that you root for them from page one - despite their initial duplicity. I read this in nearly one sitting, and am certainly looking forward to reading more from Lauren Layne.

After the Kiss: 4.5/5 stars
Cover: 4/5 stars

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1,000 likes Giveaway - Over 125 prizes!

Welcome to The Revolving Bookcase's 1,000 likes Giveaway! We have received an AMAZING amount of donations and support from authors, bloggers and publishers and want to thank everyone for helping us celebrate! 

There are FOUR rafflecopters in total containing OVER 125 Prizes!

You are welcome to enter one or all! There will be multiple winners for each of the rafflecopters, so there are a LOT of chances to win something!
The rafflecopters can be found at the end of each section of book listings (2 after the YA books, and 2 after the adult books) Due to the nature of some of the adult books, you must be 18 or over to enter those giveaways. Good luck! 

all book covers and descriptions can be found after the list of prizes.
all prizes were donated by the author unless otherwise specified.

Rafflecopter 1 - Young Adult International
Katherine Ellis Hahn,  Stacy L Medina (2) ebook of choice (up to $5) - donated by Foxylutely Book Reviews
Shadow Kohler - Signed copy of Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder
Samantha Grizzell, Kimberly Stover - ebooks: (2) Embrace & (2) Sacrifice by Stacey Rourke
Frida Arriaga - ecopies of Reconnected and Disconnected by Bethany Daniel
Jennifer Bull - ebook of Code Human by N. Paige
Mary Preston - ebook of Through Glass by Rebecca Ethington
Tiffany Nickerson McQuade, Christine Davison,  Kimberly Stover  - (3) autographed Sweet Evil/Sweet Peril bookmarks from Wendy Higgins
Tina Myers - ebook copy of The Torturer's Daughter by Zoe Cannon
ashley o - ebook of The Dusk Gate Chronicles Boxed Set (Books 1-4) by Breeana Puttroff
Giedre Sliumba - ebook copy of My Only by N.K.Smith
Samantha Homan Easterling - Winner's choice of ebook copy of any of Author Christy Sloat's books
Tea Saric - Print copy of Blood, She Read by Sara Hubbard
Melissa Barthel - ebook of Oracle - Sunken Earth by CW Trisef
DeeJay Sakata, Jennifer Boyett  (2) ecopies of Treehugger (Based on a Dream #1) by Kea Alwang AND
(2) ecopies of Risktaker (Based on a Dream #2) by Kea Alwang
Samantha Karlin - ebook of any book from either series (Sea Monster Memoirs or The Kindrily series) by Karen Amanda Hooper
Nina Claire Escoto - ebook copy of Wicked Hunger by DelSheree Gladden
CYP @ A Bookalicious Story, Shadow Kohler, Heather Lindsey  - (3) ecopies of Caged and (3) ecopies of Blind Barriers by Sophie Davis

Rafflecopter 2 - Young Adult US ONLY
Melissa Brzycki-Willard - Signed Paperback of TEN by Gretchen McNeil
Alison Porteous Fees -Signed copy of Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft by Jody Gehrman
 Angelique Wills- Signed copy of DEFIANCE by CJ Redwine
Diana Doan - Paperback copy of Birthmarked by Caragh O'Brien
Felicia Sidoma -Invisibility by Andrea Cremer and David Levithan (Hardcover, signed by both authors) -
donated by The Revolving Bookcase
Jesse Kimmel-Freeman - Sabre by Stephanie Gray
Barbara Ann - Signed copy of The Woken Gods by Gwenda Bond
Christine Delfin-Hernandez, Kristine Radgman, Donna Smith - 3 e-book copies of Falken's Woods (via Smashwords) by Sarah-Beth Cole
Toreale Sears - Paperback copy of Oracle - Sunken Earth by CW Trisef
Kelly Burrier Kline - ARC of Rose Under Fire (companion book to Code Name Verity) by Elizabeth Wein -
donated  by The Revolving Bookcase
Casey Britton, Feifei Le(2) Playing Tyler by T L Costa
 Amanda Cox - Signed copy of Sapphire City by Amy Richie
Haley Richmond - Signed paperback of THE FETCH by Laura Whitcomb

Rafflecopter 3 - Adult/New Adult International
Kristen Ervin - $10 Amazon Gift Card - donated by Author Trudy Stiles
Jessica Ryba - $5 Amazon Gift Card - donated by Valley of the Book Doll
Giedre Sliumba, Christine LaFord(2) $10 Amazon Gift Card - donated by Renee Entress's Blog
Elizabeth Quiñones, Ronda Thayer(2) $5 Amazon Gift Card - donated by Same Book, Different Review
 Jessica Ryba, Kim Perry - (2) Winner's Choice of an ebook up to $2.99 - donated by Author Tonya Callihan
Latisha DePoortere - ebook of The Theory of Attraction by Delphine Dryden
Crystal Blood - ebook The Strix by Katalina Leon
 Diana Doan - ebook Lord Griffin's Prize by Katalina Leon
Bobbie Jo Duhon - ebook Cache a Predator by Michelle Weidenbenner
Heather Woodward - ecopy of Tristan's Lyceum Wolves (Immortals of New Orleans, Book 3) by Kym Grosso
 Michelle Guo - ecopy of Too Close: The Beauty in Between by Lilliana Anderson and a signed trading card
Jennifer Boyett - ecopy of Loveless by Dev Jarrett
Carra Edelstein Saigh  - ebooks of Tales of Pandora Books 1 & 2: The Story of Rachel & Soldier Boy by KD McLean
 Kim Perry - ebook of winner's choice from backlist of Nikki Duncan
Lyka Tan - ecopy of Hot Wax by Callie Backman
 Aparna Singh - ebook novella A Pretense of Love by Aileen Fish
Barbara Gordon - ebook novel The Incorrigible Mr. Lumley by Aileen Fish
Fada Luna - ecopy of Fall of Darkness by Elle Bright
 Bobbie Jo Duhon - ecopies of Taming Cross and Selling Scarlett by Ella James
 Kimberly Mayberry,  Jennifer Boyett (2) ebook of Celebration's Bride by Nancy Robards Thompson
 Feifei Le - Live Your Dream charm and Zane's Art ebook by Sara Daniel
Anastasia Loveay - ebook of Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye
Melissa Stickney - ebook of Forever Freed by Laura Kaye
 Heather Lindsey - ecopy of winner's choice from backlist of Cassandra Carr
Michele Combs Avery, Kimberly Stover (2) copies of ebook WICKED HEAT by Nicola Marsh
Jennifer Rafuse - ecopy of Break Out by Nina Croft
 Kelly Burrier Kline - e-copy of Stand-In Star by Rachael Johns
Mary Preston, Diana Doan(2) ecopy of Crime Bites and So Do I by Jodie Pierce
Lourdes Bernabe - eBook of REDESIGNED by Denise Grover Swank
Shaun Stanton Brinkhurst,  Felicia Sidoma(2) Paperback copy of Anything But Sweet plus a box of Anything But Sweet candy conversation hearts from Candis Terry
 Tallulah A. - ebook Because You're Mine and 3 bookmarks from K. Langston
 Donna Simmonds - His Instant Heir (Harlequin Desire) by Katherine Garbera
Anna Dokuchaeva - ebook copy of Ghosts of Our Pasts by N.K.Smith
Amber Dawn Keefer - ebook copies of Irish Western Series by CH Admirand
 April Wells - ebook copy of both Fueled and Driven by K. Bromberg - donated by Rose's Book Blog
 Carolyn Johnson  - kindle ebook of Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates AND
kindle ebook of Beauty from Surrender by Georgia Cates
Ronda Thayer, Carra Edelstein Saigh - (2) ebook of Death Lies Between Us by Jody A. Kessler
 Anastasia Loveay - ebook copy of In His Own Time by Melissa Jarvis
 Joana - ebook of choice from author Cari Quinn's books
 Natasha Donohoo  - ecopy of In a Cream Packard by Edward R. Hackemer
Kailyn Elyse Fletcher - ebook of winner's choice from Katie Ashley's books
Connie Talo - ebook of Ugly Duckling's Finish First and a $10 Amazon Gift Card from Author Stacy Gail
 Nikki Flannery, Megan Hartsgrove(2) ebook copies of Winning Back Ryan & Getting Back Annie by S.L. Siwik
Anastasia Loveay - Winner's choice from backlist of Sophie Oak

Prize Pack 4 - Adult/New Adult US ONLY
Janice Unger - $5 Amazon Gift Card - donated by Fairiechick's Fantasy Book Reader
Kristine Radgman - Flirt and Loveswept totes from Random House
Jessica Ryba - Paperback of Family Charms and a charm by Malena Lott
Casey Britton, Diana Doan, Arely Z,  Latisha DePoortere, Samantha Alvey,  (5) Armageddon and the 4th Timeline by Don Mardak
Amber Dawn Keefer - e-book of ONE FOR THE ROAD by Lynne Marshall
Victoria Colyer-Kerr - Signed Print Copy of Crave by Monica Murphy
 Sarah Kalaitzidis - Paperback copy of winner's choice of Insatiable, Unveil Me, Love Letters, No Flowers Required or Seduced plus swag by Cari Quinn
Toreale Sears - Signed paperback copy HER HIGHNESS AND THE BODYGUARD by Christine Rimmer
 Liz Ziolkowski  - Swag from Jasinda Wilder
Heather Woodward - ebook of Falling for Her Fiancé & Cinderella Screwed Me Over swag by Cindi Madsen
Anastasia Loveay - Signed copy of IF I WERE YOU and tote bag by Lisa Renee Jones
Angelique Wills - Wild for the Sheriff and Betting on the Cowboy (the first two Harlequin Superromance titles in the Sisters of Bell River series) by Kathleen O'Brien
Carra Edelstein Saigh - REBORN Vampire Novel T-shirt and an ARC of THE PRINCE'S GAMBLE by Caridad Pineiro
Charisse Hall - ebook copies of Cupid Chronicles: Inked by an Angel and The Halo Effect by Shauna Allen
 Kim Perry  -ONE TRUE LOVE (novella), LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, and ALL OUT OF LOVE by Lori Wilde (choice of ebook or paperback)
 Samantha Karlin - Love at High Tide by Christi Barth

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Release Day Blitz, Giveaways, & Review: Revealing Us by Lisa Renee Jones

It's finally here! Release Day for REVEALING US - the third (but maybe NOT final!) book in the Inside Out series by one of my favorite authors, Lisa Renee Jones. And what a big bunch of goodies we have to share with you to help celebrate including a whole slew of giveaways! So, let's get start the party!

The third installment in the sexy Inside Out erotic romance series—in the seductive tradition of Fifty Shades of Grey.

You've discovered Rebecca's secrets. You've discovered Sara's secrets. Now Sara will discover "his" deepest, darkest secrets...but will those secrets bind them together--or tear them apart?

FYI - if you haven't yet read book one, IF I WERE YOU, what are you waiting for?? Now's the time - you can read it FREE (yes, FREE!) courtesy of Simon & Schuster HERE.


The elevator opens and he waits for me to enter, and I do. With fast steps, I rush inside and whirl around to confront him. He stalks forward, and this time he doesn’t avoid looking at me, his expression etched with pure determination and some raw, dark emotion I cannot fully name. I don’t get the chance to try. 

Before a word is out of my mouth, and I have many intended, the bags he’s holding hit the floor and Chris has pressed me back against the wall. My purse tumbles from my arm and his powerful thighs encase mine; his hips mold my hips. I gasp with the rough tangle of his fingers in my hair and the blaze of his eyes as they capture mine. I am angry with him. I am aroused. And when his mouth claims my mouth, his tongue slicing past my lips with a delicious lick followed by another, demanding my response, I am at his mercy. My fingers curl around his t-shirt and I push away the tiny space between us, molding myself against him. He owns me and, considering how the past thirty minutes have gone, this terrifies me, but I’m all in with Chris. I decided that long before Paris. I am his to command, moaning with the taste of him, sultry and male, on my tongue. 
His hand sweeps up my side, fingers flexing over my ribs, palm covering my breast. My nipple tightens in anticipation of the tug that follows and I moan, my need to touch Chris almost unbearable. I reach for his shirt, intending to push beneath, but he doesn’t let me. 
Chris’s fingers close around my wrist and I know he is in that dark place, where he doesn’t let me touch him—but I am in a dark place, too, on edge, ripe with my anger and unwilling to be submissive to him. Challenging his silent message of control, I reach for his shirt with my free hand and he shackles my wrist as well and tears his mouth from mine. Our eyes lock, the sound of our heavy breathing filling the air and the motion of the elevator I didn’t even know was moving swaying our bodies. The floor vibrates slightly beneath our feet and I sense, rather than see, the doors behind Chris slide open, but still we stand there, still we stare at each other. 
They don’t get to tell you who I am,” he says. His voice is a rough growl, low and tight. “I do. I tell you and I show you so you get the truth, not their fabrication of it.” A muscle in his jaw flexes. “Understand?”
My anger and fear dissolve instantly. He’s not pulling away from me. He’s angry that Amber and Tristan might taint my view of him when he’s already convinced I’ll hate him before this discovery process is over. 
Do you understand?” he demands when I apparently don’t answer fast enough. 
This time I don’t fight the bark of his order, understanding the desperateness beneath its surface. “Yes. Yes. Chris, I—”
His fingers tangle in my hair again, tugging my head back in that deliciously rough way he does. Dark Chris calls to me and I no longer fight answering. “Do not go there without me again.” His voice is gravelly; raw like the emotion I’ve seen in his face and tasted on his lips.
Me going there wasn’t what you think it was, Chris.” 
His eyes flash with disapproval. He is not pleased, or accepting, of what I’ve said, and his mouth closes down on mine, punishing, controlling. His tongue thrusting and tasting, before he repeats his words, his fingers stroking my breasts, teasing my nipple. “Do not go there again without me, Sara.”
I won’t.” The words come out a hoarse groan as his hand strokes a path up and down my side, and back over my breast. His touch is heavy, the air thick, and I’m certain he isn’t convinced. “I won’t go back without you.”
His fingers curl around my neck and he stares down at me, searching my face with such intensity it feels as if he’s seeing straight to my soul. And I welcome the invasion. I welcome him. Seconds tick by, and I have no idea what he sees or doesn’t see in me, but he drags my mouth to his and kisses me. 
The silky hot stroke of his tongue is a shot of adrenaline and desire that spikes through my body and creates a tingling sensation from head to toe. I shudder with pleasure and drink him in, tasting the bittersweet hunger in him, the anger and torment. I burn to touch him beyond where my fingers rest on his chest, to feel hard muscle flex beneath my fingers. But control is his outlet of choice when there is no whip, no pain. And I am no longer angry, no longer rebelling against his demands. No longer fighting his need for an outlet I have long ached for him to know he has with me, in me.
I tremble with the caress of his hand over my waist, traveling to my hip, and curving around my backside to firmly pull me hard against his thick erection. His palm skims upward to the small of my back, and flattens, molding me even closer. I moan into his mouth and he groans in response, his tongue delving deeply, hot with growing demand, with a palpable urgency. And his hands are everywhere, touching me, stroking me, caressing me, driving me wild and, before I know what’s happening, he’s shoving my jeans down my legs. I blink and my boots are gone and I’m half-naked in an elevator with the doors locked open.
I might have protested our location, asked to move to another room, but Chris turns me to the wall and his hands slide, slow and firm, possessively down my waist and over my hips. Feeling his gaze rake over my body, I am wet and weak in the knees. 
He cups my cheeks from behind and steps forward, pressing his lips to my ear. “Tonight, I want to spank you, but I won’t. Not when it would be punishment. I won’t ever do that to you. But don’t think that means I won’t want to.”
I understand Chris. I don’t know how or why but, deep in our souls, we connect, and I know what he is doing. He’s showing me a hard exterior but all I see is vulnerability, a need that tonight has sparked, to show me a darker, more dangerous side of himself, and have me not run for cover. “You can’t scare me away, Chris. So throw all the words you want at me. I’m still here. I’m still not going anywhere. And in case you forgot, I liked it when you spanked me.” 
His hand finds my stomach and then presses deeper between my legs, until his fingers tease my clit. “Maybe this time I’ll tie you up and flog you.” 
Do it.” His fingers stroke into the silky wet V of my body, and I am panting, barely able to speak, but I swallow and somehow finish my challenge. “The more you push me, the more I push back, Chris.” 
He nips my earlobe and I can feel him unzipping his pants. “So you say,” he murmurs. 
So I know.” Throwing caution to the wind, I press onward, trying to unleash the pent-up energy in him he bottles until it later explodes. “Only one of us is running. Only one of us is afraid of what I have yet to discover, Chris.” 
The air crackles and his hand goes to my waist, fingers flexing into my flesh, and I revel in the certainty I’ve succeeded in taking him to the edge. “You think I’m running?” he demands. 
No. I think you’re trying to make me run so you can blame me if we fail.”
His cock presses between my legs. “Does that feel like I want you to run?” He enters me, driving hard inside me without any prelude. “Does that?” And then he is thrusting, reaching around me to meld his hand to my breast, holding onto it, and me. He thrusts again, burying himself, with a fieriness that outreaches pure physical need. Oh yes, I have made him angry and I am glad. I want this side of him, I want all of him. And damn it, he just keeps trying to deny me. He keeps trying to hold back and, yes, he keeps trying to make me run. 
I press my hand to his hand where it’s melded to my breast, teasing me, holding him there, holding on and not planning to ever let go. Pleasure splinters through me with each thrust of his cock, each moment he’s buried deep inside me. Sensation after sensation begins in my sex and rushes through nerve endings. I am lost in how he feels, how I feel, and I arch into him, my muscles clench around him, and then I cannot breathe. My orgasm takes me by surprise, enveloping me, consuming me. I rise to the top of it far too quickly and come down far too hard and fast, but just in time to feel Chris shudder, his body tensing with his release. He stills, burying his face in my neck, and his body slowly relaxes. For several moments he holds me there, and I’m not sure either of us breathes, let alone speaks or moves. I am not sure what to say or what to do next.
Abruptly, he pulls out of me, and I don’t know why, but an unusual sense of complete, utter emptiness washes over me. The “why” is answered when I start to turn to find him already headed out of the elevator. I stare after him, knots balling in my stomach. Maybe I pushed the wrong buttons. Maybe I pushed him to far or too hard. Maybe I made a mistake. 


Lisa Renee Jones has become the new Master of romantic suspense! 

I finished book two in the Inside Out Series, BEING ME, with a big sigh - there was just so much tension - so much that happened so quickly in that book and it's predecessor IF I WERE YOU -- I felt like I was on a roller-coaster trapped inside a twister (in a good way!). I have to admit, I was wondering where Ms. Jones could possibly take us next. And while there is a completely different feel to REVEALING US from the previous two books, it is still oh-so-good in its own right. Lisa Renee Jones has done what few authors can accomplish -- write three unique books that form a cohesive trilogy while still amazingly great books alone as individuals. 

Once again, this book picks up right where the previous one left off. Where the other books featured lots of hot sex with a bit of romance, this one pulls out all the stops in the romance department. Or I should say Romance, with a capital "R"! Don't get me wrong, there is still more than enough scorchingly-hot sex to make you squirm in your seat, but the dynamic of Sara's life has definitely shifted. We get to see some old favorites and a few new characters are introduced (both likable and not-so-likable ones) - and some mysteries we thought were closed might not as resolved as they appeared. It's hard to write more without giving away any spoilers, but trust me, you are not going to want to put this one down either! And as I was nearing the end, feeling that familiar sadness any book-lover knows too well as they are about to say goodbye to their fictional friends...I realized this couldn't be the end. I wanted more, and I was still hopeful this isn't the last we'll see of these characters. And now that I've found out this isn't the end of this series (YAY!), I cannot wait to see what Ms. Jones has up her sleeve next! 

Revealing Us: 5/5 stars
Cover: 4/5 stars

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.


To celebrate the release of REVEALING US, Lisa Renee Jones is having an amazing giveaway with 5 Signed Copies of IF I WERE YOU -and- 5 Inside Out Totes plus swag (There will be FIVE winners, each receiving a signed book and a tote/swag) for the release day blitz AND she has also very generously offered a SIGNED copy of one of her other books, Escaping Reality (Which I LOVED - see my REVIEW) AND a great tote bag! That giveaway is US ONLY, but we here at the Revolving Bookcase are going to add another giveaway of an ecopy of Escaping Reality (Amazon or B&N) to one lucky INTERNATIONAL fan! There are also a bunch of other great giveaways going on to celebrate the release -  I listed them here and added them to our giveaways tab at the top of the blog. Good luck! 

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT TRILOGY which has sold to more than ten countries for translation with negotiations in process for more, and has now been optioned by STARZ Network for a cable television show, to be produced by Suzanne Todd (Alice in Wonderland).

Since beginning her publishing career in 2007, Lisa has published more than 30 books with publishers such as Simon and Schuster, Avon, Kensington, Harlequin, NAL, Berkley and Elloras Cave, as well as crafting a successful indie career. Booklist says that Jones suspense truly sizzles with an energy similar to FBI tales with a paranormal twist by Julie Garwood or Suzanne Brockmann.
Prior to publishing, Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by Dallas Women Magazine. In 1998 LRJ was listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine.
Lisa loves to hear from her readers.