Tuesday, August 30, 2011

To E-Read or not to E-Read

I have been debating, for a while now, about getting an E-Reader. I have noticed the a lot of authors are now putting out little novellas for e-readers in between books in series. After spending the weekend without electric, courtesy if Hurricane Irene, walking/sitting around with a flashlight trying to read I think I may have come to the conclusion that I might just have to breakdown and buy one. This does not mean I will give up my books or trips to my favorite used bookstores but just to have access to other authors and titles that I can not find in the stores and next time the lights go out I will have more that enough books to hold me over all located in one spot. Now my only question is, Nook,Kindle or I-Pad? What do you have? Anyone have a preference? Anyone love their e-reader? Please help me decide.



  1. I haven't give up good old-fashioned books either. I still buy them on a regular basis. There are some books that I just have to have in their physical form. Also any series that I started buying before I had my eReader, I still buy in paper. Some of the new series I start, I buy in eBook form for space reasons. And sometimes I have both.

    As for the device, I have a Kindle and I love it. I'm not interested in all the bells and whistles Nook has to offer. I love the eInk technology that allows me to read in the sun on the beach and I love having a ton of books at my fingertips.

    My mother has a Nook (not the color) and she loves it. She wanted that little extra bell with hers (the regular Nook has color for when you're shopping for books at the bottom of the device) but other than that she wanted it just to read on.

    We both also have an iPad that we received for our birthdays. We both have some free books from the iBooks store, but other than that, I'm not impressed with Apple's bookstore and will always buy eBooks with my Kindle. The beauty of the iPad is the apps...my mother has the Nook app and I have the Kindle app, so we can access all our books on the iPad...if I'm reading an eBook, I like to switch to the iPad at night because it has light. But I don't use it mainly for reading - I play a lot of games on it and do all kinds of stuff. Kindle is my main e-reading device.

    My uncle has the Nook Color. I'm not sure why. He doesn't read much, but I think he likes all the bells and whistles and he plays games on it more than he reads. And he recently killed it (he's not great at taking care of things).

    I will never give up "real" books and still buy them. As for giving you advice on which eReader to choose, that's hard, because everyone wants different things. I hope I've helped you come closer to your choice though!

    The Musings of ALMYBNENR

  2. Thanks for your advice....this is such a hard decision for me. I need to make one by December.

  3. Hey! This is a difficult decision! I do have a Kindle, and I still read (when I have time) regular paper books as well. I really enjoy my Kindle though! I haven't had opportunities to test it out much, but I really like that I can read in the sun because of the e-Ink technology. I also think if I were to go on vacation I would like just taking the Kindle with me rather than several paperbacks (for space and weight reasons).
    Our local library lets people check out Kindles and Nooks (I think both...) so they can determine if they like it before plopping down $100+ books. You should see if any of the local libraries have that option. I'm not an Apple fan, so I probably wouldn't get the iPad unless it was for all the other things it can do. But maybe a friend/family member can lend you any of these for a short period of time to see what you like! Good luck!