Saturday, January 21, 2012

Review: Stuck With You by Trish Jensen

Stuck With You
Trish Jensen 
Bell Brdige Books
January 2, 2012 
230 pp. 

As lawyers on opposing sides of a messy divorce case, Paige Hart and Ross Bennett ought to have kept matters purely professional, yet Paige and Ross came to loathe each other with an intensity that was strictly personal. The bad blood between them takes on an unexpected new dimension when the infuriated pair is forced to share a hospital room when they're quarantined after being exposed to the rare and highly contagious Tibetan Concupiscence Virus (aka Horny Monk Disease) that's reputed to shift sensual desire into high gear. When symptoms start showing up way ahead of schedule, the lawyers' objections to each other are overruled - and they enjoy every minute of it. But, after the doctors declare that the disease has run its course, Paige and Ross are still feverish with a longing for one another that they hope will never be cured. When the verdict comes in, will they be sentenced to life - in love?

The plot of this book is so incredibly absurd, I was sure I'd be rolling my eyes as I plodded my way through it. But, a few chapters in, I was so taken by the chemistry that I didn't care about the ludicrousness of the story anymore. Of course, I never truly believed that this so-called "virus" was a threat or even capable of doing what it claimed to do, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the fact that the characters in the book believed it. I love books with lots of tension, especially the sexual kind, and this one did not disappoint. A witty and quick, light read.

Stuck With You: 3.5/5

Note: I received a free copy of this e-book from the publisher for review purposes. 

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