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Review: Ladies Man (Manwhore, #3) by Katy Evans

Ladies Man
(Manwhore, #3) 

Katy Evans
April 25, 2016


Tahoe Roth.
Irreverent, cocky, playful and naughty.
He’s not the guy you date.
He’s the one night stand.
The one your mother warned you about.
The one your body craves.

You’d think the man who called me succulent would want to strip me down and spread me out on his bed—like he’s done with countless others.

But he passed on my offer….

Just like I’d once passed on his.

He’s wary, like I am.

He’s broken, like I am.

And everyone knows two broken parts can’t ever make a whole.

Tahoe and I are strictly friends.

So I distract myself with other men.

He doesn’t think my new man is good enough. This blond blue-eyed beast doesn’t think any man is—himself included.

But the more time we spend together, the more confused I feel.
I'm trying to open myself to love.

Yet I'm quickly realizing that the only man I want is Tahoe Roth.
The one man who will surely break my heart.


Laura's Review: 

Katy Evans has a way of taking non-traditional heroes with baggage and serious flaws and making them into swoon-worthy leading men. Tahoe Roth is no exception to this. His overly cocky, flirtatious behavior and unapologetic promiscuity should have been a big turn off, but instead it just added to his depth and made him feel more real. And Gina is the perfect foil to all that cockiness- unaware and unassuming to the power she holds over him. I absolutely loved watching them fight to try to stay apart when they both just so wanted to give in and be together. And when they finally do give in... it's perfect.

Although this book can certainly be read as a standalone, I highly recommend picking up Manwhore and Manwhore +1 because otherwise you'd be losing out not only on the fantastic romance of Saint and Rachel, but you'd also miss out on the tension-filled origins of Tahoe and Gina which lead us to where we are today.

4.5/5 stars

Note: A copy of this book was provided in exchange of this honest review.

There's a great Katy Evans interview (with a giveaway!) going on over at Harlequin Junkie - check it out!

Tanya's Review:
      Katy Evans has made me fall in lust again, first Remy then Saint and now Tahoe. I am a fan of Katy Evans and have been for a while, I have high expectations when I  read one of her books and this book did not disappoint me. I recall meeting Tahoe and Gina in Manwhore and I enjoyed them and could not wait to hear their story. They had chemistry from the get go, friends first and it was fun to watch them try to be friends and struggle with their feelings. Once Tahoe let his guard down and let Gina in it was just meant to be, they are perfect for each other.  Story felt real and genuine, I had a hard time putting this one down.
   I totally think you should read Manwhore and Manwhore +1 before reading this one, I have a thing with reading series in order, but this book stands on its own and could be read as a standalone. 
   One last thing, Katy Evans has some great covers but I think this one is my favorite, black and white with those blue eyes, he looks playful and dangerous to one's heart. This is a really great read for any romance lover. 

4.5/5 Stars 

Note: A copy of this book was provided in exchange of this honest review.

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