Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blog Hop Guest Post & Giveaway: Rebecca's Lost Journals by Lisa Renee Jones

If I Were You was one of my favorite books of 2012 and its sequels are some of my most anticipated reads of 2013. So, of course we are so happy to have author Lisa Renee Jones as our guest today. She brings along with her a new excerpt from Being Me AND a giveaway for every day of the 2+ week blog tour! Be sure to enter using the rafflecopter at the end of the post and visit every stop on the tour for more chances to win!

Thanks so much to Laura & Tanya for having me today! I am thrilled to get to bring readers Rebecca’s story. From the beginning of this series she was at the core of everything. She started Sara’s journey and her story needed to be fully told. In the serials you will hear from her what it was like to meet Mark, Chris, Ava, Mary, Ralph, Ricco, and more. You won’t know who her Master is but you will live her first submissive experience and her decision to become a submissive and why. You will experience her emtoional and physical journey into a world she never thought she’d be inside. And you will be given clues to what happens in BEING ME. Lots of clues! You will find the final conclusion to Rebecca’s story at the very end of BEING ME. BEING ME is a dark book with lots of twists and turns. I couldn’t sleep after writing the ending. I was haunted by it. I hope that is a sign you will be too. It effected me emotionally on so many levels and again, I hope it will you as well.

It’s hard to give you excerpts with so many secrets but here is one from BEING ME. I hope you enjoy!


 "Suddenly, he’s picking me up and carrying me toward the bed. We go down on the mattress and he quickly shrugs out of his jacket and tosses it away. And then, he’s on top of me, the weight of him, the sweet wonderful weight of him, is all that keeps me from completely losing my mind.
He raises up on his elbows and our eyes meet, and I am lost in the fiery depths of passion this man stirs in me. “Sara.” He whispers my name and the air around us shifts and I feel him everywhere, in places he isn’t touching me. A shudder runs through me and I pull his mouth to mine, drinking him in, burning for him. His lips leave mine and I physically ache with the loss of the connection. And I know how deeply this man can hurt me. He could hurt me in a way I’m not sure I’d recover and it’s too late to stop it from happening." - Being Me

Release Dates and Links for Inside Out Trilogy:
If I Were You currently available in ebook; paperback release: March 12, 2013 
Being Me June 11, 2013
Revealing Us  Sept. 10, 2013

Release Dates and links for Rebecca's Lost Journals 
 The Seduction  available for pre-order now; releases Jan. 28, 2013 
The Contract  available for pre-order now; releases Feb. 18, 2013
My Master  available for pre-order; releases May 7, 2013
His Submissive  available for pre-order; releases July 9, 2013
The Master Undone  available for pre-order; releases approx. August 6, 2013

Check out Lisa Renee Jones' new website-- Click Here

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  1. So much great reading to look forward to thank you.

  2. Sounds fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing and congrats to Lisa on the upcoming releases and the success of her new series!

  3. I'm curious about what kind of research Lisa did for this

  4. Di --do you mean for the journals or the series in general? I use to buy and sell storage units so I had that exposure. I also have a love for San Francisco and have been many times so that part was easy. The wine and art required some extra research though. I spent quite a lot of time digging into that aspect of the series which was fun. I enjoyed learning more about both of those things.

    And thanks Mary and Crin for stopping by too!:)

  5. When will Rebecca's Journals be available for pre order on Amazon UK?

    1. Kristy - not sure just yet, the publisher told me they should be up early next week.

  6. Love this excerpt too! I went out of order with the blogstops. This is a great series that just enthralls me. Wish June would get here sooner!

  7. Good luck with the releases, beautiful covers!

  8. Love all the new books coming out. I love your books...and would love to win...thanks for the chance and keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you LS, I appreciate that.

      Zitarva, I cant wait for the months to come too..

      Elf thanks for the compliment on the covers, I really love them too!!

  9. woo hoo- hope I win! Thanks, Lisa, for the giveaway!!

  10. I need Being Me and all of Rebecca's Lost Journals like yesterday! I have a million unanswered questions and I can't wait to read all the books in the series!! Keep up the amazing writing Lisa - you've got us all hooked!! ;) Love the covers too - they are gorgeous!