Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review and Giveaway: A Killing Touch by Nikki Duncan

A Killing Touch
Sensory Ops Series, #4

Nikki Duncan
Samhain Publishing
March 5, 2013
230 pages

Journalist Lana Quinn has a way with hard-hitting news. The story she’s uncovered has potential, but she needs the help of her best friend’s FBI team. She’s been rescued by them, worked with them, and partied with them, but convincing the second in command to believe her theory—that a killer’s touch sets off a lethal allergic reaction—is a frustrating challenge.
Especially since he excites her, body and mind. He’s a danger she shouldn’t indulge.
Aidan Burgess is resistant to helping Lana, but not for the reason she thinks. She has a knack for landing herself in trouble, which means she needs protection. Protecting her means staying near her, a journalist, who like all journalists uses whatever—and whomever—it takes to get her story. It’s a case he wants to refuse.
Especially since she lights a fire in his blood. She’s a danger he can’t afford.
As Lana follows up on lead after deadly lead, learning to trust and rely on each other becomes their only lifesaving hope. If their pride doesn’t become their final pitfall.

Aidan wouldn’t miss her.
Not five minutes later, a cab pulled up to the curb. The back door opened. One strawberry-red, strappy stiletto followed by another and leading up to a set of evenly tanned legs extended. A delicate, pristinely manicured hand grabbed the side of the door and Lana stood from the back seat.
One man dropped his briefcase. Another man tripped over it.
She caused a stir without trying. God help a man if she decided to pour on the charm.
Checking his watch, Aidan saw she’d timed her visit for just before the end of office hours. Dr. Grayson and his staff would want to be wrapping up and heading home. They’d be distracted and likely have their guards dropped. Unless Ava’s scenario of the doctor’s fear was true. Whatever Lana’s plan was, she intended to use their haste to her favor.
Lana shook her hair back and as cool as Lana Turner in her prime she strode with confidence toward the ornate glass doors. She didn’t bother looking around because she cared only about her targeted destination. She’d walk right past Aidan if he didn’t speak up.
The ball of her foot scraped across the concrete, tripped her up. She recovered before he had to step in to catch her, though he wouldn’t have minded feeling her in his arms again. At least on a public sidewalk he knew he’d be able to stop touching her.
“What are you doing here?” She put sneering emphasis on you. She’d spoken the same way in the pub. Her sniping tone gave her feelings away even when she blocked them from reaching her face.
“You asked for my help.”
“I didn’t ask you to follow me.”
“How could I follow you when I was clearly here before you?”
“You… Why are you here?”
“Because I knew you would be coming here with some plan to get a scoop. A plan that could land you in trouble like that kidnapping ring did. Like The Killing Cupid.”
His blood heated at the memory of backing her up on that serial killer case. He hadn’t known her before the kidnapping case, but in the time it had taken him to carry her to the ambulance she’d gotten beneath his skin.
Watching her set herself up as bait on Valentine’s Day, when a woman like her should be on a date surrounded by romance, had sliced into him. Staying out of the way while she all but invited a sociopath into her home to rape and kill her had driven him onto an uncomfortable and violent ledge.
Lana cocked a hip and flashed her perfect teeth. “So you admit I may be on to something?”
“Reluctantly.” He took her elbow and pulled her away from the people exiting. He’d almost stalled her long enough for it to be too late for her to get to the doctor today. “I also think you’re jumping in before you know enough facts. It’s what you do. It’s going to get you killed.”
She rested a hand on his arm and glanced up from beneath her thick lashes. His dick throbbed. His spine tingled. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to laugh or pull her into a dark corner to devour her. Damn the woman’s touch.
“God.” He jerked away. She never stuck to one kind of behavior. One time she’d be hard as forged steel and the next she’d be Southern charm. It made her tough to predict and impossible to resist.

I loved this book! It had the perfect amount of romance and suspense with just that touch of sci-fi thrown in there to keep things really interesting and unique (if slightly unbelievable). I've only read more traditional romances from Ms. Duncan prior to this, all of which I've enjoyed, but I really think this is where she shines. The chemistry was off the charts hot, the story was fast-paced and gripping, and I got so immersed in these characters' lives, I didn't want it to end.
This was book 4 in the series Sensory Ops. I hadn't read any of the previous books from the series prior to reading this one and it stands alone just fine. She gives just enough backstory to keep get you up to speed, but I doubt anyone who has read the others would be bored.  I'm definitely going to pick up the other books in the Sensory Ops series as soon as I can!

****Nikki is generously giving away a PDF of her Sensory Ops novella, A Killing Cupid OR an ebook from her backlist (winner's choice). All you have to do to enter is be a follower of our blog in some way and leave a comment below. The winner will be chosen in one week on March 12th! Good luck! ******

A Killing Touch: 4.5/5 Stars
Cover: 4/5 Stars


  1. Thanks for the awesome review, Laura. I'm thrilled that you loved the story!

  2. I'm glad to hear that it's good as a stand alone since I've not read the previous books either. I look forward to reading this one :)

  3. Thanks for the great post! I haven't read this author yet but she's in my TBR pile. Gotta go dig them out :)

  4. Great review. Story sounds really interesting, going on my TBR list!