Monday, October 14, 2013

Buzz Giveaway! Enter to win 2 amazon gift cards!

I'm going to start something new on the blog that I hope to continue each week. I've talked about the book buzzing site Libboo before - and it seems to be picking up now with more and more books listed to buzz about. You earn rewards for being the top buzzers for the various books, and each week prizes are rewarded. So, each week, I'm going to pick a few books to "buzz" about and host a giveaway with entries for clicking on the links for those books. That's it - you literally just have to click the link and tell me which book it brought you to. To start off, I'm offering a couple Amazon gift cards, but depending on rewards I earn, I may offer other prizes as well as a way of "sharing the wealth" with everyone! And signing up for a libboo account is free, so anyone who wants to earn prizes can join in on the fun too!

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