Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spotlight, Review & Giveaway: Far Too Tempting by Lauren Blakely

Blurb:  Jane Black has written the breakup album of the century, earning her a Grammy, a huge legion of new fans, and the pressure to repeat her success. Sure, the heartbreak from her husband’s unconventional abandonment might have been her inspiration, but it hasn’t done her any favors in the dating department. So when Matthew Harrigan, the toughest music journalist out there, asks for an interview, Jane agrees—as long as her personal life is completely off-limits.   British, gorgeous, and way too tempting, Matthew’s the first guy Jane’s been attracted to since her husband. As she spends more time with him and their relationship heats up, though, so does her writer’s block. How can the queen of the break up pen the perfect follow-up when she’s seriously in love?

Author Bio:Lauren Blakely writes sexy contemporary romance novels with heat, heart, and humor, and her books have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks bestseller lists. Like the heroine in FAR TOO TEMPTING, she thinks life should be filled with family, laughter, and the kind of love that love songs promise. Lauren lives in California with her husband, children, and dogs. She loves hearing from readers! Her novels include Caught Up In Us, Pretending He's Mine, Playing With Her Heart, Trophy Husband, and Far Too Tempting. On November 21, she'll release the edgy new adult novel THE THRILL OF IT. She also writes for young adults under the name Daisy Whitney.

Review: I've always wondered about books and movies that feature a creative person that writes something whether it be songs or ad slogans or articles or books. The writer of those things needs to be doubly creative writing both their own work, and then the pseudo-work-within-the-work. It's tricky because sometimes it seems to be effortless and sometimes it's so forced that it takes away from what might otherwise be an excellent story. If you are writing a story about a hit song or a hit book, the reader has to believe it would be just that. Well, in the case of Far Too Tempting, I had no problem immersing myself in the world of rock 'n' roll and music journalism. As far as I'm concerned, Lauren Blakely should start writing lyrics to songs right now - she already has a few good starts under her belt here. And those were just icing on a delicious romance novel cake. I loved Jane, I loved Matthew, I even loved all the secondary characters (although I did think there were a few too many of them). This is one of those rare feel-good romances that feels solid and literary, but not at all formulaic or trope-y despite it most definitely being a hot and sexy romance novel. I loved it and can't wait for more from Ms. Blakely.

Far Too Tempting: 5/5 stars
Cover: 3/5 stars. 

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  1. This looks like such a fun book to read! And Lauren Blakely's author photo is adorable

  2. I really liked this one! Matthew is such a great guy! :)

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